How to Get the Most Out of Window Cleaning

Ideally, windows should be cleaned twice a year to prevent grime buildup. Before cleaning, remove window screens and wash them as well, following your screen’s care instructions.

Start at the top of the window and make smooth passes with your squeegee, overlapping each one by a few inches. Don’t skip corners or edges and pay special attention to frames and sills. Contact Window Cleaning Sarasota now!

Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Window Cleaner - High Class Cleaning

The frame of a window is a magnet for dust, dirt and dead insects. If left unattended, this build-up can create unsightly marks that are hard to remove. Use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to loosen and pull off as much loose debris as possible. For a more thorough job, use a soft-bristled scrub brush. Avoid using rough brushes or cleaners, as they may scratch the finish and leave unsightly marks.

For more stubborn marks and stains, try a mineral deposit removing cleaner such as CLR or Zud. Dampen a sponge with the solution and rub the area until it dissolves the deposit. Be sure to rinse the area thoroughly with water and clean as usual to prevent streaking. Stubborn marks that are stuck on can sometimes be removed with automobile wax or isopropyl alcohol applied to a cloth and gently rubbed.

To avoid streaks, always wipe the glass first and then the frame. It’s also a good idea to work from top to bottom. This helps to keep water from running down the frame and creating a drip.

Before attempting to wash a dirty window, place a towel down in front of the pane to catch any spills or splashes. Then, hose down the frame and glass to remove any loose dirt and grime.

Next, gather your cleaning supplies. For a general cleaning, you’ll need a bucket of warm or hot water with one to two little squirts of dish washing liquid (preferably Dawn). You’ll also want a microfiber cloth or sponge that can be used without scratching, and a squeegee. A soft-bristled scrub brush is helpful, but you can also use a toothbrush and an old or new rag. You’ll also need a broom and a rag to wipe away any remaining water residue from the frames, as well as a few q-tips for hard-to-reach corners.

Finally, to sweep away any cobwebs in the window tracks and hinges, Fisk suggests a tool found in the sporting goods section—a umpire brush. This specialized sweeper is the perfect size to reach into the cracks and crevices of your window track.

Scrub the Glass

When tackling tougher spots like mildew, bird droppings or salt spray residue, you’ll need to do a bit more work than just scrubbing the surface with a soft cloth. You’ll want to remove anything that has settled onto the glass so it can be wiped away and your cleaning efforts won’t be wasted. Before you use any kind of cleaner on your frame or glass, be sure to test it on a small area of the material or finish to make certain it doesn’t discolor or strip it. A lot of household cleaners and polishes contain chemicals such as ammonium hydroxide which can eat through the finish on wood or metal frames. If you see any blemishes, try to refinish the area by using mineral spirits or another solvent if possible.

If the problem is just dirt or smudges, you should be able to clean it off with your favorite homemade or store-bought glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth or coffee filter. Just make sure to use a lint-free cloth since paper towels can leave behind smudges and streaks. If you don’t have a microfiber cloth on hand, an old t-shirt works well, too. You can also use dryer sheets for a quick and inexpensive DIY option, but be sure to use a fresh one as these may contain residual fabric softener that could stain your glass surfaces.

Once you’ve applied your solution to the surface, gently wipe it down with the microfiber cloth in a zig-zag motion, starting from the top and working your way around each pane of glass. Then, quickly buff the surfaces with your dry microfiber cloth to ensure no solution remains on the frame and glass.

If you’re in a pinch for a glass cleaner or prefer a natural approach, white vinegar is an excellent choice. It can cut through the grime and prevent streaking just as effectively as any commercial product, and it’s cheap and easy to use. Mix the vinegar dilution with water (again, use distilled for best results) in a reusable glass spray bottle and just spritz and wipe as needed.

Squeegee the Glass

A squeegee is the professional window cleaner’s ultimate tool. After a sponge or brush has been soaked in soapy water, and the cleaning solution applied, the squeegee can be pulled to remove the loosened dirt and debris for a streak-free finish. Professional squeegees are available with a wide variety of rubber and handle materials, so it is important to find one that fits your hand and feels comfortable while you work. Many professionals prefer Ettore rubber because it is durable, and the preceision cut square edge provides a smooth, consistent pull across the surface of the glass.

When using a squeegee, it is helpful to start at the top of the window and work downward. This will prevent dirty water from dripping on areas you have already cleaned, and it makes it easier to wipe the edges of the window where there is often a build-up of lint. It is also helpful to clean windows in sections, so that the cleaning solution does not dry out and create streaks on the glass.

If you notice that your squeegee is leaving streaks, you may need to change the blade. Many people use a paper towel or a rag to clean their windows, but these can leave behind lint residueand they are often not absorbent enough. Instead, try using an old t-shirt that you have worn, or a microfibre cloth. These won’t leave lint and are much more absorbent than a regular rag or paper towel.

If the squeegee still isn’t producing streak-free results, try changing the angle at which you are applying it to the glass. If you are tilting the squeegee too high, it could be scraping the paint off of the frame. Similarly, if you are applying too little pressure, the squeegee will not be removing all of the water.

After you’ve removed all of the excess water with the squeegee, give it a quick wiping down with a dry cloth to make sure that it is completely free of any remaining dirt or dust. Once again, you can also use a newspaper if you have it handy.

Dry the Glass

A glass cleaning job isn’t complete until you’ve properly dried the window. This is especially important if you’re cleaning exterior windows. If you neglect to do so, water spots and streaks will build up over time, which can be difficult to remove. Using a microfiber cloth to wipe away any remaining cleaning solution and residue is essential for achieving a streak-free shine.

Choosing the right cloth is also key to avoiding smudge marks on your clean glass surfaces. Many common cloth types like rags and dishcloths will leave behind lint particles which can cause streaking on the glass surface. Newspapers are another popular choice but the printing ink can discolor the surrounding materials. The best option is a microfiber cloth that is specifically designed to be lint-free, as it will minimize the risk of leaving any streaks on your glass surface.

When using a microfiber cloth, spray your glass cleaner directly onto the cloth rather than on the windows themselves. This will prevent the cleaning solution from getting on your frames or other surfaces which could cause permanent damage. Work your way down the glass pane in a zig-zag pattern, starting at the top of the window. Be sure to use plenty of pressure when wiping the glass, as this will help to remove any grit that has built up over time.

Once you’ve wiped the entire surface of the glass, use your dry microfiber cloth to buff the glass to a streak-free shine. Be sure to pay special attention to corners and intricate details, as this is where dust tends to accumulate the most. You should also use a soft cloth when wiping the frame to avoid scratching it.

Consumer products expert who has tested all kinds of cleaning products on windows, glass-top tables and mirrors and is a stickler for clean glass in her own home. She has visited the manufacturing facilities of several major glass cleaner brands and is a firm believer that regular cleaning is essential to maintaining good indoor air quality. She’s also a fan of her gas-on-glass cooktop because it’s easy to keep clean!

Stop Struggling On Vacations With These Great Tips



If you want to travel and do it to the best of your ability, then you want to learn as much as you can about traveling. Traveling is a subject where the more you know, the more you can apply and improve your trips accordingly, so take these tips into serious consideration.


When traveling, if you have to use a public computer for anything, whether it’s to check your email, your Facebook, or your bank account, make sure you log out! Don’t just close the browser like you might do on your personal computer, make sure you click the log out button. This will prevent anyone else from accessing your data.


Many out of the way destinations are often overlooked for vacations. For example, while St. Thomas in the Caribbean is incredibly popular, with very little extra effort one can make a trip to Vieques off of Puerto Rico instead. It has many of the same amenities, is much less crowded, and will make your vacation seem much more special!


If you want to escape your daily routine and not have to worry about anything, you should consider going to a tourist resort. These resorts take care of absolutely everything for you and create a safe environment. It is easy to make new friends and keep your children entertained while you enjoy the beach and great weather.


Not all medical insurance plans cover you when you travel abroad. When making a plan to travel to international destinations it’s a good idea to look into purchasing medical coverage for your trip. So, before you go you may want to research what kind of medical coverage is available to you and what the costs might be.


As stated in the beginning of the article, you want to learn as much as you can about traveling. Remember that the information you just learned, isn’t everything there is to know about how to travel efficiently, so always be on the look out for new things to learn. Apply these tips and your trips in the future should be smoother.

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